Please read carefully the refund policies before applying for refund. Refund will only prevail if the points mentioned below are satisfactory.

1. You must be able to prove to TBS that you have contacted companies via email, fax or post with at least 30 job     applications.

2. You must prove to TBS that you failed to acquire a job in the applied companies. Also, you must issue a
    proof to TBS in form of rejection letter or mail sent to you by the companies.

Note:- Rejection letters must include the name of the director and company name, and include the email,
            telephone, fax number and mailing address of the contact person in charge of hiring.

3. You must submit all the mentioned things like, cover letter, resume and reference letters used during your
    process of job searching to the TBS office in person.

4. You must completely fill in the Refund Form to avail the refund.

• Please be aware that incomplete forms will not qualify for the refund.
• You must submit
i. 30 job applications or letters of introduction
ii. 30 rejection letters
iii. Your cover letter, resume and reference letters

5. Once TBS receives request for refund, it will go through the case thoroughly and respond. In any case if the required documents are not proper or incomplete the student will not be eligible for the refund.

6. Upon verification if all your documents and letters of correspondence are legitimate, you will then be required to
    return all TBS manuals, TBS certificates and a copy of your tuition receipt in order to receive your tuition refund
(minus the 10% processing fee of total tuition fee).

7. Fee refund will only be applicable if contacted within a period of six months only

Please note that this guarantee applies to in-person classroom courses conducted in Mumbai only.

No Refund will be issued if:

1. The student refuses to attend any interviews or declines a job when he/she gets selected.
2. The student declines a remuneration free internship period with the company before the company offers a
    placement to the student. This is in line with present industry practice.
3. The student gets a job on his/her own or communicates in writing to the institute that he/she does not require a     placement.
4. The student, for any reason, is not available for placement for the whole period of six months from the date of issuing    diploma certificate.
5. TBS will provide the student with 3 job interviews and if the student fails to clear the interview, TBS would not be     responsible for refunding the fee amount instead TBS would assist the students to get further training and schedule
3 more interviews in order that the student gets a job.
6. The student conducts in any manner that makes him/her unsuitable for recruitment.
7. The student leaves the company where he has been placed for any reason whatsoever. In such event, the Institute
    will not be liable to provide any further job/placement assistance to the student.
8. The company where the student gets placed removes the student due to non-performance or misconduct.

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