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TBS has always believed in nurturing long-term relationships. We believe that the strength of an organization lies in the strength of its relationships. Relationships with students, relationships with partners, relationships with employees, relationships with vendors and relationships with stakeholders of the society. At TBS, we take relationships very

TBS today enjoys rewarding relationships with over 30 partners. We have a vibrant team of professionals who have extensive experience in the field of SEO, SMO, Search Engine Marketing and Internet Marketing as a whole. Today,
TBS stands as a strong, reputed and an enviable [brand] in its area of expertise.

TBS Partnership Programs

TBS offers three different types of partnership opportunities. Each partnership program is designed to suit different
partner profiles and their business needs

Private Label Partnership Program

Definition: Partner would serve the courses under their own brand. TBS would work as an outsourced company &
shall remains anonymous to the students of the partner

Suitable For: Well established institutes having ability to secure business from large number of students & wish to increase their delivery capacities, without increasing their fixed monthly costs.

Co-[brand]ed Partnership Program

Definition: A strategic alliance where TBS courses are offered to the students of the partner on a co-branded basis.

Suitable For: The TBS co-branded Partnership Program is a strategic alliance with institutes offering educational and professional courses. Through this program, partners will be able to offer a broader range of training courses to their existing students and new prospects by adding complimentary courses in their portfolio and leverage greater business opportunities in a competitive environment.

Referral Partnership Program

Definition: Partner shall refer prospects to TBS. TBS shall pay a referral fee to the partner for their referral efforts.

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