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Students always keep saying the same word “I am so confused” What to do after 12th? . It’s a common myth among parents that only engineering & Medical works well as a career, well this isn’t the case anymore. I remember having a confused state of mind during my school days and after my 12th std, the question was, school is over, now what? Our parents & relatives quite often bombard us with loads of suggestions and especially force us to opt for professions which have been followed for ages now. The big question is that, are there only few professional courses in India or is it that we quite often miss out on few of these. India is a vast land with people having multi-talent genes within them; few people like technological things some are art crazy.

India is indeed shifting to a new era of technological advancement, and in this era, professionals with technological & artistic skills are more in demand than ever before. Digital Marketing is what people with these skills could afford to count on. Now why? Digital, the market is going the digital way and especially with these advancements, Marketers are now going online to have a better presence in the market place. What this means? This is no rocket science; anyone who is creative enough could indulge in this type of marketing practice and ever increasing demand of online digital marketing professionals is what is driving our Indian market towards this field.
What are the different aspects within this field?
When we talk about Digital Marketing as a career option, we might just talk on a broad term, instead Digital marketing is marketing of products or services using different digital medium, such as Television, Mobile, radio & internet. Online Digital Marketing is a new buzz and indeed is picking up fast as a career option. Online Digital Marketing comprises of means and medium to have a business presence on the internet, many businesses have started focusing on their online strategies and thus many companies have presence of professionals who master in this particular aspect.

Here’s a simple Diagrammatic scheme of what are the major terms within the Online Digital Marketing Field.

The saying is simple why? Follow people and do things which you’re not interested in, same is the case with any career option. Choose a career which best suits you, and as for having a career in Digital Marketing which indeed is certainly going to hold up against all odds in the future is the best option you could bank on.

P.S- More on Digital Marketing in my next post.

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