Digital-o-nomy- Anatomy of Digital Marketing

In my recent post I explained how Digital Marketing could be one of the most happening career options to bank on. Digital is the new language to be used in the near future, so gearing up for the ride might just be an advantage to any person looking to be in a safe mode in any job. Let’s face it, times have proved it that Digital has been on the tip of every marketer’s tongue and Marketing has been shifting from the traditional way of doing it, to rather a much sophisticated way & that includes Digital Marketing.

Now, coming to the topic I have been using a lot of offbeat title in my blogs, the reason is simple and it’s not just to confuse my readers, instead my title does make sense if you read it. Why Did I use “Digital-o-nomy” as my title? The answer lies in my story “while I was just about to start my career in Marketing, I wasn’t quite sure what I could do in marketing field. Then somehow I landed on a blog saying Digital Marketing as a career option, still confused I kept reading more about it and then got qualified in this particular field. Moral of the story, though Digital Marketing is of utmost importance still the awareness among the people is minimum.

Who could get to this field?
At times it becomes quite difficult to understand the perplexity of the situation & we do end up getting in the wrong field to work in. People, who are more bent towards creativity, technology, understand internet & love to socialize would fit in this category perfectly.

As explained in my earlier post the different forms of Digital Marketing I would be explaining them on a much broader term, for now I’ll try to explain the Different Digital Marketing terms in brief.
1. SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, is the process and art of obtaining rankings for a site under relevant keyword phrases. For instance, assume you offer golf course tee time appointments for the Las Vegas area on your site. Your goal with SEO is to get ranked under all relevant terms for your service.

2. SMO(Social Media Optimization)
Social media optimization also known as social seo is optimizing social sites to have a better interaction with people using social media. It’s a unique way to attract visitors to your site.

3. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Search Engine Marketing is the marketing of products or services using search engines as a medium. It is also termed as online Advertising. It includes PPC (Pay per Click), Affiliate Marketing, Ad sense.

P.S- In my next post I’ll be explaining each topic on a much broader base.

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