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The last time I spoke about search engines and online advertising, I then gave Digital Marketing a name, termed as Digital-o-nomy. The reason being Simple, not many people know what actually comprises of Online Digital Marketing & as promised I will be writing about all different aspects of it. As from now on you could understand the anatomy of Online Digital Marketing.
Since the birth of Search Engines, businesses moved to a new world of marketing, it could be termed as E- Marketing. And with businesses having an online presence which invoked business websites to be there on top of the search results, when any one would make a search for what users were looking for which indeed created a need for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Defining SEO
Search Engine Optimization in simple terms would mean, getting your site ranked under relevant search terms in the Search Engines. Google has two types of listings, paid/sponsored listings & organic/free listings. SEO is more specific for the organic listings.

SEO itself is a rather challenging career to opt for, if you’re looking to have a career which has been in demand for a long time now & if you love playing with the search engines, then this would just suit you best.
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