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Archive for November, 2011

Digital-o-nomy- Anatomy of Digital Marketing

In my recent post I explained how Digital Marketing could be one of the most happening career options to bank on. Digital is the new language to be used in the near future, so gearing up for the ride might just be an advantage to any person looking to be in a safe mode in [...]

I am so [?]

Students always keep saying the same word “I am so confused” What to do after 12th? . It’s a common myth among parents that only engineering & Medical works well as a career, well this isn’t the case anymore. I remember having a confused state of mind during my school days and after my 12th [...]

Facebook’s “talking about this” metric

Facebook announced its newest but yet confusing metric called as “#### are talking about this.” Facebook’s new metric is more focused on ads and pages. Here’s a snapshot of this metric: The brand saloon’s Seo Training institute Mumbai fan page show’s how many people are talking about this. The red box marked in the above [...]