Is Social media here to rule over search engines?

Social media was never thought to bring a revolution in the market place and was just another way to socialize on the web. The big question lies whether social sites are here to dominate search engines. Experts believe that only optimizing your sites would not give out positive results, social media optimization is the need of the hour.
Stats show that the no. of searches made on social sites like facebook itself is more than the searches made on Google per day. What this means? In simple language if I say that users like to be more on facebook or any other social networking site than search engines and this would certainly answer many marketers query for how important is social media. In a recent source it showed that Google has a 44% of the traffic as compared to 40% of facebook, this clearly indicates that years to come the traffic will increase for social sites as in the case of facebook where it made a huge jump In traffic and since its launch its been a threat to many search engines including Google. With changing trends in the web world it seems that Facebook might just have that little extra to take over Google.

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What’s there to fear from facebook and other social networking sites?

The most important thing to understand is that Facebook’s traffic is increasing day by day; users are more active on facebook then search engines and mails. This leads to the ad market, where slowly but gradually facebook is taking over the market from Google. Trends clearly are visible that social networks have grown with an authority to rule over search engines and this might just be an alarming stage for the major search engines. Days to come we could see marketers making the way towards social networking sites for their ad campaigns and this might just be the beginning, there’s still more to come.

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