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Have you ever thought how does a website get on the first page of the results on a search engine whenever you type in for something you are looking out for?

The answer is simple but not many of the people know about how search engines rank a page or a website. For every search engine there are two types of listings organic (free) listings and paid listings. SEO’S optimize sites for free listings and this is how websites rank high on the search engines. Search engines have been there for a decade now and so is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is certain to make a profession out of and there are many institutes which provide seo courses in Mumbai.

Defining SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In simple terms Search Engine Optimization is the process of making N no. of changes to your website to rank it well in any said search engine. But technically it’s more than making changes in the website only.

Search engine optimization or SEO is divided in two parts of its process.

1. On page optimization: This includes optimizing or making changes to your WebPages.

2. Off page optimization: offsite factors such as page rank and link popularity is what makes webmasters to make changes off site and this is termed as off page optimization.

SEO’s usp

SEO’s work is not only to rank high but also to convert prospective clients or buyers in to customers. The meaning is simple, for SEO as a profession it simply makes no sense to rank high when you can’t convert. SEO has to optimize for content that has more meaning to users rather than to search engines, ultimately it’s the users which would see what they are looking out for and with proper SEO training in Mumbai one could get such skills and could opt for a having a career in search engine optimization.

Why SEO as a profession?

When the world wide web or in simple terms the Internet had started no one knew what it had in store for everyone. Information was the only criteria of the internet but now the meaning has changed for good, the market indeed has gone from being physical to visual. The internet has created a platform for marketers to have a presence in the ever challenging market place and this could be possible only by taking their business online.
At first having a business portal wasn’t that competitive but with changing times the trend for handling a business portal have changed to a great extent. Ranking became a great matter of concern for businesses having an online presence and this is where SEO came in. Many companies or businesses have now realized the value of being ranked high on search engines and there’s a need for SEO professionals on a bulk basis.

Reasons for being a SEO professional?

1. SEO has been already termed as a career option: SEO has not been a part of the syllabus in any university, there are specialized professional SEO training institutes which help to gain knowledge and the required skills to become a SEO professional.

2. Patience is all you need: SEO is not a one day work; all you need is to be patient. Optimizing a website takes time and to get the desired results one needs to be patient.

3. SEO’s get paid well: professionals get paid to a great extent and for an expert SEO there’s no exception. Companies are willing to pay as high as possible to SEO professionals for their services. One could work on a freelance basis as well and could take up assignments of their choices or their niche.

4. SEO professionals who have made it big: There are N no. of people who have made it big in the field of SEO. Some of them are Aaron wall from the, Rand Fishkin from SEO Moz and many others.

Choosing a career to your liking is very important and the field of SEO is a perfect career option for those who somehow want to know about the world of web.

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