SEO - the Big Daddy of internet marketing as a career

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is about making your website rank higher in search engines using smart coding. Search Engine Optimization is a very crucial technique or process for people who depend on their websites to bring them business. SEO is the process of applying a set of techniques to achieve a high search engine ranking for particular keywords.

Understanding why is essential

Merely having an online presence by way of a website doesn’t serve any purpose if various pages of the website are not optimized with search engines in mind. Search engines understand that web surfers use the internet for engines like Google, yahoo, MSN, develop their search technology around indexing and analyzing trends information and answers, not advertisements. Therefore search in pages for useful content. Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for increasing the number of targeted visitors to your website.

Blunders about SEO!!!

Some people have false assumption that SEO is about “tricking” Google, rocket science, complicated as programming. All these myths are untrue. It is very much rather blend of marketing, coding, logic and reasoning. It involves understanding the complex search engine algorithms and fine tuning your site to meet the criteria for a high ranking website.

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